Friday, February 21, 2014

The Northman Returns 3

“How is it possible that I can hear you telepathically? I’m not supposed to be able to hear vampires!” Sookie stared at Eric in disbelief. “How did you get here Eric?” Sookie tried getting Eric to answer at least one of her questions as she knelt in the snow-covered grass next to him.
“It’s a long story Sookie,” Eric sighed and sat up to his elbow to face Sookie.

“Well start talkin’ because you’re not going anywhere till I get an explanation mister!” Sookie’s heart was racing. She thought her feelings for Eric had been washed away when he disappeared and with Alcide in her life, but they were quickly surfacing again. She was fighting the urge to both kiss and slap his face.
“You tell me what happened to Warlow first! One minute I’m enjoying my favorite view and the next I’m burning in the sun,” Eric said with a tinge of anger behind his words.

Bill probably staked him while he was tied up here…
“For you information Bill did not stake him, Jason and I did. Warlow had a blood contract which forced me to marry him, but I couldn’t do it once I found out he had killed my parents,” Sookie said with a tone of conflict in her voice. “Anyways he attacked me in the house and I had no choice! I didn’t know that the effects of his blood would wear off once he died,” Sookie retaliated in defense to Eric’s thoughts. “Wait… you just did it again! What the fuck is going on Eric!”

“Something has happened to me Sookie and I do not expect you to understand or even believe me…”Eric began his explanation but was cut off by the sound of bells behind Sookie.
“…I have given Eric a gift,” the sweet sound of Agneta’s voice made Sookie move to her feet again and face this new creature.

“Who and what are you?” Sookie put up her hands ready to blast this …well this thing that she wasn’t really sure what it was.
“You may call me Agneta and I am a relative to the day fairies, like yourself. I am an ice fairy from the far north.” Agneta smiled at Sookie and stood taking in this human that Eric loved so much. Agneta could understand why Eric had been attracted to Sookie, she was pretty and the lure of walking in the sun would have been temping to any vampire. However, Sookie had an uncanny strength and passion in her though and she came from fairy royalty; Agneta could sense this about her.

“Agneta it is nice to meet you…I think. Are you responsible for bringing Eric back here and I assume the snow?” Sookie asked looking quickly between the two.
“Yes, as a fairy I could sense this place and brought Eric here. The snow is for both our protection. I saved his life, when he would have died a firey death, exposed on the mountain high above his family home. I am bound to him and his family and I will fulfill my duty to protect him.”

Sookie turned to face Eric who was finally able to get to his feet, “Eric Northman you have a fairy godmother and You Killed Mine!” Sookie walked up to Eric and pounded on his chest with both fists.
Eric grabbed her fists before Sookie could strike again, “You can have mine if you wish. She is not as fun as your fairy goddess was. This one has a wicked taste.” He couldn’t help but drop fang between the smell of both Agneta and Sookie.

“Eric you’re not as cold to the touch as normal!” Sookie looked him directly in the eyes, “What is going on?”
Agneta giggled and could not hold back her pleasure, “That would be my fault. In order to save him, I had to give him a large quantity of my blood, which is now changing him and eventually will make him human again.”

“What!!…That…That is impossible!” Sookie shook her head repeatedly at Eric. Eric reached out and held her head between his hands, forcing her to look at him.
“I would really like to continue this discussion another time Sookie! It is almost noon and I should be underground right now!” Eric stated loud enough to rouse Sookie from the daze she was in after hearing what Agneta had revealed. “Do you still have the cubby in your house?”

“Yes, I had saved it for Tara…but she has never used it. Alcide will not be happy if I allow you back into the house!”
“I do not care about Alcide, I need to sleep Sookie! I am getting weaker by the minute the longer I am up during the day!” Eric said forcibly now.

Sookie came out of the haze she was in and she could feel the pain Eric was experiencing and see the blood that now oozed from his ears. “Damn it Eric!” How did he always find a way in to her life. Sookie didn’t want to go through this game again.
Eric’s inner voice was not much more than a whisper on the wind. Sookie please!

“Do you think you can make it to the house?” Eric shook his head yes and grabbed the bag next to his feet. “The front door is unlocked and Eric you may come in.”
“I’ll need your help getting out of here Sookie,” Eric said aloud this time in a softer gentler voice and blinking sheepishly at Sookie. Sookie could sense it was difficult for Eric to ask for her help.

With that Sookie took Eric’s hands and transported Eric and herself out of the fairy realm and back into the Bon Temps cemetery. Eric began to scorch again, but he had enough strength left to speed to the house in his typical blur. Sookie could only hear the faint sound of the front door slamming behind Eric as he entered the house like a gust of wind. She hoped that she had not made a mistake helping Eric today, but she had just experienced a shock of her life. Eric was becoming human!

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