Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Northman Returns Part 6

“Let’s go for a walk and I’ll explain why I called you here.” Eric headed towards the cemetery path.

“Eric where did you end up?” Pam asked as they followed behind.

“I went home to find peace, but found myself in a heated situation,” Eric replied cryptically.

“I looked everywhere in that icicle infested country and couldn’t find a trace of you!” Pam answered with confusion.

“I was there and yet not there at the same time,” Eric joked.

“It isn’t a joke Eric, and I’m not lying. I did look everywhere!” Pam retorted.

“And I am certain you did!” Eric didn’t doubt Pam searched high and low for her maker. “You would not have been able to find me as I was literally between worlds.”

“You’re not making sense,” Willa interjected. “What do you mean between worlds?”

“You’ll understand soon enough,” Eric hinted.

As they reached the point within the cemetery that Eric was now very familiar with, he turned to the group smiling and asked, “Can you sense something different here?”

“I can definitely smell something different here,” Willa answered quickly as she inhaled the delicious aroma that wafted in the night air.

“Yeah, it smells similar to Sookie!” Tara looked surprised.

“Yes, and do we know why, my dear ladies?” Eric asked with a tease.

“I do not know, but wouldn’t mind finding out. Whatever it is, if it tastes as good as it smells, I want some!” Willa circled looking for the source of the delightful scent.

“Patience Willa, there will be no snacks for you,” Eric sighed.  “You see there are portals between realms, which fairies have access to which vampires, werewolves, and humans do not,” Eric attempted to explained.

“…Another world?” Willa asked.

“Yes! It is an exact replica of what you see here of the old Bon Temps cemetery, but time works there differently – slower,” Eric addressed Willa.

“And this has to do with us how?” Pam stood with her arms crossed showing signs of annoyance.

“Because I have been there Pam. Currently Agneta residences there… who is responsible for what is happening to me.” Eric paused knowing there was still more to explain.

“Is it another God damn witch Eric? Are you under another spell?” Pam shifted her weight and looked intently at Eric with concern.

“No, Pam…not exactly,” Eric tried stalling and looked at the ground as he tried to make sure that this came out the right way. “When I was in Sweden, the powers of Warlow’s blood wore off leaving me in a very compromised situation. I was very near to the true death, when Agneta found me and … well she saved my life.”

“Agneta? Who is Agneta?” Willa asked.

“I don’t care who she is! What the hell did she do to you Eric?” Pam moved closer to Eric.

“It isn’t important who Agneta is, but what she is,” Eric hissed back and then regained his composure. “She’s a very unique fairy. Her blood, like Sookie’s, is special. However, instead of allowing vampires to walk in the sun, like Sookie, she has the power to heal and apparently the power to turn vampires into humans.” The truth was out and all Eric could do was wait for their reaction.

“That’s impossible!” Tara blurted out with a laugh. “There is no way to go back to being human again! Right?” She looked at Pam and Willa as if for support.

“Pam, you and I have seen many things over the time we have spent together and you know me better than anyone,” Eric looked at her, “Would I lie to you about something like this?”

“Well…” Pam paused because there had been many secrets revealed in the last few months that Eric had never told Pam about. Eric growled at her hesitation and Pam quickly added, “…no, not anything like this.”

“Pam and Tara, you both know that Sookie is part human and part fairy. You also know that she is a telepath, and that she cannot hear the thoughts of vampires. Am I right?” Eric looked between the two.

Pam looked at Tara, who did the same. “Yes!” They both responded.

“Wait…Sookie is a fairy and if you drink her blood you can walk in the sun! Tara, you never told me this!” Willa looked at Tara with shock.

“Well, I just figured everyone knew by now,” Tara shrugged as she replied.

“I’ll catch you up to speed baby vamp,” Pam smirked as she addressed Willa’s lack of knowledge. Pam refocused on Eric, “What does Sookie’s telepathy have to do with anything?”

“Sookie can hear my thoughts after being given Agneta’s blood,” Eric revealed. “I do not know how long I have before I change completely. I also do not know how this will impact my progeny.” Eric looked both at Pam and Willa with some concern.

“Change?” Pam’s sorrow could be heard and seen in her eyes. “You really are serious aren’t you?”

Eric walked up to Pam and smiled even though his eyes also carried her pain. Eric whispered to her, “You can go with me on this new adventure if you like Pam.”

“And go back to getting old and looking forward to wrinkles, no thank you!” Pam tried to laugh to keep tears from forming. “You would go ahead with this and not try to fight it?”

“Sookie…you still have feelings for Sookie…shit!” Tara looked at Eric with loathing.

Eric looked at Tara when he responded, “You could go back to being her best human friend Tara.”

“Fuck Sookie! I’m still pissed off at her for having Pam make me into a vampire in the first place!”

Willa had been quiet for a while now, taking in all that she had just learned. “This is an opportunity for you isn’t it Eric,” Willa looked at him in suspicion as she moved closer to him and Pam. “If you became human again, you could give Sookie something Bill would never be able to!”

“And what would that be, dearest Willa?” Eric knew Willa had figured out his intentions for Sookie.

“You could marry her and have children!” Willa was delighted with herself in figuring out the course her maker was now taking. “You could live in the daylight and as long as you like, if you and Sookie access the fairy portal together! You said time goes by slower there and with Agneta, you would have access to her healing powers.”

“It changes the definition of being human, doesn’t it?” Eric smiled at Willa’s ability to make quick connections with the information he had provided.

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