Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Northman Returns Part 7

“…But why? Why give up all that you have built? You command respect from both vampires and humans! Forget Sookie and move on!” Pam could not understand why Eric was so keen to become human. What power did Sookie possess to drive men mad in this manner. Pam tried to plead with Eric, “Why not take back Fangtasia in Shreveport and rebuild? Or start a new venture here in Bon Temps with the new laws in place?”

“And when there no longer are vampires that pose a threat to Bon Temps or any other area and the virus runs its course, then what Pam?” Eric was perturbed by Pam’s lack of vision and he was beginning to fill with rage.

“We have been together for over a hundred years Eric and we have always found a way to survive!” Pam argued.

“Fangtasia is GONE! The Vampire Authority is GONE! Everyone, who I had an ounce of love for, and that loved me in return - my family, Godric, Nora - ARE GONE PAM!”

“AND WHAT ARE WE…chopped liver!” Pam countered glancing at Willa, who stood with her head slightly down. Pam looked at Eric as two crimson streaks made their progression down her cheeks.

Eric moved directly in front of Pam and lifted her chin to look her in the eyes, “Do you really love me Pam? Or do you love the power that I afford you?”

Pam sucked in her bottom lip and tilted her head sideways, unable to answer her former maker. Eric reached up and held her head between his palms and wiped the blood away from her cheeks. He added softly, “You fear so much and always have, whether it be old age, sickness, or death; but most of all being alone. It’s time to face your fear…and I don’t mean Sookie!” Eric shook his head as he finished, “You will never be alone Pam, if YOU chose not to be.”

Eric looked to Willa with a small smile curling the edges of his mouth, “I don’t think Willa is in love with me either? Instead I think she has found someone else that peaks her interest!”

“Right!” Tara snickered at Eric.

“Is it Sam Merlotte, mayor and shifter, or…is it our dear friend, Bill Compton?”  Eric suggested.

“Hah!…as if she could break the Sookie curse for either of those two!” Pam commented.

“You haven’t been paying close enough attention then Pam,” Eric teased.

“Bill,” Willa revealed and with a devious note added, “You would help the cause greatly if you were able to take Sookie out of the equation.”

“Un-fucking-believable!” Tara said rolling her eyes. “When the hell were you going to tell me…”

“…I thought everyone already knew!”  Willa lashed back at Tara for her lack of disclosure earlier.

“I thought you were a little too excited about my renewed interest in Sookie!” Eric hinted. As Willa’s maker, Eric had also felt the increased sensation of hope when she figured out Eric’s plan.

“But Sookie is currently playing house with Alcide,” Tara said changing the subject. “I don’t see how this is going to work.”

“On the contrary Tara, Alcide has left Sookie to raise his own pup with a woman named Daniella,” Eric informed the group.

“How convenient for you!” This time Pam rolled her eyes.

Eric ignored Pam’s response. It was good that Willa was strong and knew exactly what she wanted, it made her so much more interesting than Pam. It could be dangerous too and Eric had to make sure that Willa did not tip off Bill.

“Which is why I am going to have to command you Willa not to say a word to anyone about what you have heard tonight, especially to Bill!” Eric looked at Willa sharply. “Pam, Tara, I would expect that same courtesy from you both. Now, I have other things to attend to, as I assume you all do as well.”

“Won’t you be coming with us?” Willa asked.

“No, not tonight!  Anyways, it might be better that we not all stay together; nest behavior can kick in pretty quickly and create havoc.” Eric stated as he thought about the time he spent in Mississippi and the Authority and the destruction it reaped.

With no other reason to stay Tara and Willa departed. Pam was slow to leave and turned to Eric before she left. “I sure hope you know what you’re doing. It is a dangerous game you’re playing!”

“Don’t worry Pam, I do!” Eric looked at her with confidence. “Where will you be?”

“If I remember correctly there is a boutique in Bon Temps, whose owner did not survive the recent vampire attacks. I think a little fashion forward sense might be due for the greater metropolitan Bon Temps area.” Pam had made her decision, she would help Eric, come hell or high water, finally get the woman he wanted.

Eric turned and headed back towards Sookie’s house, he had several hours left before sunrise and needed to replenish his animal blood supply, as well as he needed to find a little floral inspiration to make Sookie aware of how appreciative he was for her help today.

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