Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Introduction: This scene came to me after reading His and Mine by Aubrey Dark. What if Gavriel and Rien were to allow Kat and Sara to meet? 

Ours is not a typical love,

It is a love of unique qualities.

It arose out of revealed fears,

scarred pasts, and fueled by new found passion.

Our love transcends the darkness,

It slays the beast that lies within the hearts of men.

It leads those lost along the path of life,

Back to the light, back from the brink of death.


Ours is not a typical love,

Our love requires grit and grace.

It requires one to look deep in the soul,

Past the masks that we wear to the marrow of our being.

Our love demands trust with a tempered touch,

To break the walls around our hearts.

If we believe in our love,

Then and only then will we find each other.


Gavriel watched intently as Rien made a precise incision and began to slice away a chunk of skin behind a middle-aged, bottle blonde’s left mandible. Rien gently and with acute accuracy matched the marks he had diligently laid out on the patient that now lay helpless.

“Is this one a legitimate client?” Gavriel questioned as he watched the man he considered his only confidant and friend.

“Yes, this one is trying to stay in the Hollywood game a little longer,” Rien replied as he carefully began to match the pieces of flesh back together.

“Thanks for letting me watch then,” Gavriel grabbed the stainless steel stool from the corner and sat down behind Rien, but where he could watch every detail.

“Gav, you are always welcome to come watch,” Rien said stealing a quick glace back at the man who was lured into this scene like a fly to honey. “You miss it, don’t you?”

“The desire is still there…it will never truly go away,” Gav admitted as he licked his lower lip and watched like a voyeur as a droplet of blood ran down the woman’s neck.

“Would you mind dabbing that,” Rien gestured with his elbow to the curved forceps that held a sterile piece of pad folded between the metal grooves on the end. Rein’s hands were full with needle and thread and his own pair of tweezers as he worked the intricate stitches.

Gavriel eagerly took the medical instrument and as if welding a paintbrush against a canvas wiped the blood up quickly and effortlessly.

“So how is it that you are now as domesticated as myself?” Gavriel asked with a devilish grin.

“Completely by accident!” Rien said with a hint of surprise and without even looking away from the job at hand. “You were right about the falling in love part, it does something to you that is incredible.”

“Told you so will not even begin to make me feel good Rien,” Gavriel chuckled. “Amazing how different the feeling a woman creates compared to that of the kill, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I feel completely alive with Sara,” Rien answered with awe interlaced in his voice. “Is it the same for you and Kat?”

“Yes, but I feel I cannot give Kat the life she deserves,” Gav looked at the back of Rien’s head, “she should have the world and not be confined to my estate the rest of her life.”

“Exactly my feeling!” Rien said instantly agreeing. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Really?” Gavriel said curiously. “Here I thought you just missed me.”

Rien turned now exchanging instruments as he finished the face lift, “Do you think Sara and Kat would get along?”

Gavriel seemed to chew on what Rien was asking before responding, “You want to introduce them socially to each other?”

“Yes,” Rien paused and looked down and then back at Gavriel with his plan ready, “They both fell in love with us, regardless of our darkness. They are unique and exquisite women. Women however, are social creatures and I was thinking that we are confidants and maybe they could find the same friendship.”

“It would be a controlled situation for them, but a freedom of sorts as well!” Gavriel quickly deduced Rien’s purpose.

Rien nodded in acknowledgment, “Yes, a friend that they each could talk openly with…without fear of judgement of their circumstances or the men they have now chosen for love”

“Then a dinner might be a good introduction for the two of them,” Gavriel smiled and reached over Rien with the forceps with another sterile pad coated in iodine to blot the drying blood along the delicate stitching. “We just need to decide my place or yours?”

“Sure you don’t want a job?” Rien asked half joking and half in earnest and then added, “I want to get Sara out of this place, she has been here for three weeks now, and you have a nice estate. It would be a welcomed change for her, I think.”

“I agree, Kat is probably more self-conscious and would probably prefer to stay at home. From what you have said previously about Sara, she wouldn’t be opposed to escaping the Hollywood bustle for a night either.” Gavriel appeared to have made the decision for their dinner introduction of both women.

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