Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fitness & Writing Challenge

This post is part of a Fitness and Writing Challenge that I put together. Writers will create a fitness related story and participate in a fitness program of their choosing. 5,000 word, 5 lbs, and 5K run!

LOSING IT!: Part 1
Samantha took a deep breath as she slowed to open the door to Max’s Gym. This was it, she had made the New Year resolution with her best friend from college, Natalie, to tackle her weight and begin an exercise regime. As Nat had reminded Sam, it was her weight and if she didn’t like the way she looked, then she was the only one who could do anything about it. Nat had been right, Sam had gotten herself into the place that she was and now she had to get herself out of it.

Sam remembered how fit she used to be before her body turned against her. Sam had played high school sports and then had done regular workouts in college, until the body pain, increased weight, and depression set in. Life turned upside down for a short time for Sam and it had provided the time to become well introduced to several bad influences such as pizza, doughnuts, and crème burlee lattes. While she was battling the symptoms that came with hypothyroidism, the hunger and pounds just seemed to never end. By the time the doctors had figured it out and got the problem and medication figured out, Sam had gone from a size ten to size sixteen.

It had been a tough decision to step back into exercising, when there was no guarantee that she would lose the weight she wanted to. It would be a lot of constant work to get down from the size 16 she now was to where she wanted to be and it all seemed a bit daunting. However, Max’s Gym was running a special two for one deal and Nat had said she would help Sam in any way, even if it meant meeting her at the gym and dragging her ass through each and every workout.

As Samantha entered the glass doors, she could see a well-toned and tan, light brown haired male behind the desk engrossed in the computer screen in front of him and a few other people scattered amongst the equipment of the gym. From the looks of it, Max’s gym was well supplied with all the modern treadmills and weight systems one could ever want to suffer through. Without looking up right away, the front desk guy said as if programmed to the ding of the door, “Welcome to Max’s, I’ll be right with you.”

Sam stood just at the corner of the desk and peered around to see if Nat was among any of the people already here. Sam was already starting to feel self-conscious about her workout gear, which consisted of her older brother Mike’s forgotten football t-shirt from his glory days in high school and a pair of his basketball shorts. There was no way she was going to put lycra on a size 16 body. She had already paid a fortune for the size D, heavy-duty sports bra to keep the ladies in place. Scaring other gym patrons with a pair of tight, black, workout shorts that only added to her muffin top was not what she wanted others to see any time soon.

As she waited for the front desk assistant to finish his computer task, Samantha heard the front door of Maxx’s Gym ding again and a familiar voice that made her instantly fill with relief.

“Sorry, I’m late Sam, but finding a parking spot downtown was not easy,” Nat said as she approached.

Nat was looking naturally beautiful dressed in a pair of cute purple workout shorts and a matching sports bra that cleverly poked out just a little from her lighter lilac tank top. Sam realized that Nat looked slender and tan, but more importantly she looked like she belonged here in her perfectly chosen outfit.

Sam groaned inwardly and was slightly jealous that Nat could wear whatever she wanted. Nat could find her size six at any store of her choosing. Sam didn’t understand why Nat even bothered coming to the gym, it wasn’t like Nat need to be working out with her wonderful metabolism that keep anything from migrating to her hips. Nat was lucky, unlike Sam who just thought about ice cream and gained two pounds.

The guy behind the desk finally finished what he had been working on as Nat came to stand next to Sam. “Welcome to Max’s Gym, what can I do for you?” the friendly voice repeated as his aquamarine eyes lifted from the keyboard to glance at the two customers standing at the counter. There was a small look of concern on his face as he glanced at Sam and then quickly glanced at Nat. Then he took a second look at Nat and smiled broadly exposing perfect white teeth.

Sam frowned and glanced quickly at Nat, who was smiling brightly back at the guy behind the desk. Oh you have got to be kidding me! Sam could not believe it, five seconds in and Nat had already grabbed this guy’s attention. Sam answered the question as her eyes returned to the guy, who could not peel his away from Nat.

“We are interested in your two-for-one membership special that the gym is running this month,” Sam said in the friendliest tone she could muster.

The front desk attendant slowly looked back at Sam and then appeared to be serious again, “Oh yeah…here both of you will need to fill out this questionnaire and release form, so I can add you to our membership.”

He grabbed two pens and plastered two forms on clipboards from a pile behind the desk. “I’m Brett by the way,” he added as he extended the first clipboard to Nat quickly.

Nat expelled a little giggle and took the clipboard from Brett’s hand, “I’m Natalie and this is my best friend Samantha.”

“Nice to meet you!” Brett replied smiling and blushing as he handed a second clipboard to Sam. Then quickly clearing his throat and looking at Sam, Brett added, “Along with the two for one membership special, we are also running a half price offer for adding the personal training option to your membership. Are you interested in that option or just use of the equipment?”

Sam narrowed her eyes at Brett, as if he was adding insult to injury and was about to tell him no way, when Nat piped in quickly, “Sounds great, sign us up for personal training!”

“What are you doing?” Sam hissed at Nat, who just turned and gave Sam a wry smile.

“It will be awesome having a professional work with us,” Nat said smiling back to Brett. “Don’t worry Sam!”

“Great!” Brett said excitedly to Nat and added, “I would love to get you started and maybe help you figure out what your personal goals will be. Looks like you need to focus on strength training.”

“Okay!” Nat parroted Brett’s enthusiasm and then stood biting her lower lip a little.

Sam stood shaking her head a little at Nat. Nat was already lusting over this guy from what Sam could tell. Completely hopeless!

“What about me?” Sam asked looking back and forth between both of them.

“Ahhh…let’s see who else is available to work with you. I think someone who can specialize a nutritional plan for weight loss to go along with your exercise plan, would be good.” Brett said looking back at his computer as he entered Nat’s information into their system.

“Thanks!” Sam responded with a bit of irritation in her voice, feeling like she just got traded over by muscle jock for her best friend.

“I’m available,” a warm and rich voice interrupted from behind Sam. As Sam turned rapidly, she suddenly found herself looking directly at a tall, sandy-blonde god who had appeared magically out of nowhere. He was twice as good looking as Brett!

Sam couldn’t help but gawk a little at the man that now stood before her. He was definitely over six foot and built like a solid wall, with well-defined muscles on his legs and arms. Sam could clearly make out the solid chest of muscle that was not visible directly, but outlined by the form-fitting workout shirt with the Maxx gym logo on it he was wearing. Sam’s eyes slowly walked up his chest, neck, and chiseled jaw, that she took note of was showing a five o’clock shadow of reddish blonde whiskers. When she had finally met his eyes, she was surprised to see the beautiful hazel color beaming back at her. There was something familiar about those eyes that gnawed at Sam slightly.

“Great!” Brett answered and added, “Darren this is Samantha and this is Natalie. They are new members and are going to do our personal training package. I will work with Natalie, so Darren would you mind getting Samantha set-up?”

“My pleasure! Right this way Sam,” Darren said as he turned his body sideways and pointed to an area sitting area across the gym.

Sam took a quick glance at Nat, who was now the one stunned with the gorgeous man that Sam was about to start her training with. Hah! Sam thought silently. Darren was definitely worth signing up for personal training and he didn’t look that much older than she and Nat. Again a feeling that he looked familiar to Sam hit her mind, but she didn’t remember any of the guys from school looking this hot.

As Sam followed Darren, she felt for once karma was finally coming around. Maybe this wasn’t won’t be so bad! Darren had seemed happy to work with Sam. It wouldn’t hurt to flirt a little like Nat would it? She felt that way until they were half way across the workout area to the table and bench, when a very beautiful and leggy blonde came bouncing up grabbing Darren around the neck.

“I missed you yesterday Darren,” the blonde smiled seductively. “Are you available to help me today?”

Darren blushed before saying, “Melanie! Sorry, I am with Sam for the next hour, so maybe another day huh?”

“Oh!” Melanie looked Sam up and down. Sam felt like she was interrupting a couple of love birds with the way Melanie clung to Darren and he held Melanie’s waist. “Sorry, yeah, another day then. This one looks like she needs a lot of help.”

Sam thought instantly at how she must look to Darren. She would never be as attractive as Melanie, who obviously had amazing genes and had gotten passed by from the evil food-to-hip-and-double-helping-of-boob fairy. Sam was over-weight and dressed more masculine than feminine. There was no way she had a chance with a guy like Darren, who obviously was interested in a very different type of girl.

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